Beating The Rainy Day Blues

It feels like it’s been raining for ten years around here. Combined with midterms, this weather makes for an atmosphere that’s equal parts gloomy and cozy. Which means all we want to do is curl up and sleep and pretend there isn’t an exam tomorrow (for which we haven’t studied–oops). MziPsoM.gif

How do you overcome that dreariness and weariness to be productive? Well, your girl is back with another *~*LISTICLE*~* to help you power through to break!

1. Get up, and stay up!

I am very guilty of claiming to run back to my room to grab a book/hair tie/snack/whatever and then next thing I know, I’m curled up in bed telling myself I’ll only lay down for 5 minutes. An hour later, I’m running late to class and have likely forgotten the thing I ran home for in the first place.



When the weather is like this, I definitely don’t want to go back out in the rain, which leads to me feeling unmotivated. As awful as it sounds, I have to stay away from my bed. I try to make sure I have everything I need before I leave in the morning so I don’t have to run home unless I actually have the time for it. Getting up and out of your room will keep you motivated to stay awake (hopefully).

2. Find a group you can work well with

When it’s this dreary outside, being alone might just make you more sluggish. But getting with a big group can lead to distractions and disruptions, which is also not going to help very much through midterms. Finding a nice group of maybe 2 or 3 other people can allow you all to work together, chat as you need, and feel like you’re not going slowly insane as you reread that one paragraph about the history of the cocoa bean for the tenth time.

3. Go to the Gym

Get moving! Just because you can’t walk by the lake comfortably doesn’t mean you can’t still get your blood pumping. Working out can clear your mind and wake you up before a long night hitting the books. Plus, you can even use the exercise bikes in the library to work out your legs while you work out your brain!


4. Give in (but only for a little bit)

If you’ve got an hour to spare–take a nap. Read a book. Drink hot chocolate and listen to the rain. Make a blanket fort and do your homework in it later. Life is too short to work yourself to death in college. You should get your work done, of course, but also take some time to take care of yourself.

Have a great (and sunshiny) spring break, everyone!

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