Managing Your Schedule Freshman Year

In high school, your time is structured. All your classes are adjacent to each other and your extra curriculars often fall directly after classes or in the evening. While you may not know it now, your time is much more manageable in high school.

When you come to college, your schedule will be largely spaced out. You may have meetings in between classes, weird meal schedules, not enough homework time, etc. My best advice for this issue is to schedule your time very, very well. I speak from experience when I say that an unscheduled day is an unproductive day, and that a nice agenda will do you well.

If you have any tendencies toward being scatterbrained or forgetful, you’re going to experience a large transition when you get here, and an agenda will really help you out. Especially during super busy weeks, it is very useful to make an hourly schedule for your days, and even a to do list because college in general has its busy weeks, but especially at an involved university like Furman.

When it comes to times like midterms and finals, your days will fill up quickly and you’ll have to schedule your studying time well, so you don’t end up awake all night. Really the only detriment that comes with the excitement and business of your transition to college is the time management aspect of things. But, when you stay on top of it and prepare yourself well, it all works itself out!

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