Freshman Year Research

Whether you take a tour of Furman, visit the website or talk to a student here, you will inevitably hear about research, internships and study abroad as a part of what Furman has to offer. The Furman Advantage so to speak.

Before coming here, I thought those things sounded great, but it all seemed a little too grown-up. More of an upperclassmen type of thing than a freshman thing. I was wrong.

Cut to my FYW first semester. My FYW was taught by Dr. Blomquist from the psych department and she knew I had a vague interest in psychology. During a meeting with her, much to my surprise, she asked if I would want to help her with research. My response was that I had NO idea what that meant. Research sounded hard and I felt way unprepared.

Nonetheless, she told me what research with her would involve and gave me some time to think about. I am here to say, it was one of the best decisions I made. I worked on Dr. B’s research with the Fortitude Project that focused on researching resiliency in college students and the factors that affect the development of a happy and healthy college student.

Working on the Fourtitude Project  was an experience I never imagined I would get my freshman year first semester. I really enjoyed it and I am even  helping Dr. B with it again this semester.

So, my advice, don’t push the idea of research, internship or study abroad to the back of your mind as some unattainable goal freshman year. Who knows? Be open and willing to say yes. They are great opportunities to try, learn and grow, which is really the point of college!


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