Why Furman?

It’s that time of year–all the high school seniors are scrambling for scholarships and deciding where they’re going to go for the next several years of their lives. What if they make the wrong choice? How can you possibly be expected to make this big of a decision when you still have to ask to go to the bathroom? Picking a school is tough. I remember the deliberation I went through my senior year, so how do you choose?

Part of my decision came down to finances. I have a single mom and an older brother already in school, so getting scholarships was incredibly important to me. Thankfully, Furman not only offered me money for my academics, but also for my intended major. I also managed to qualify for a few need-based scholarships, which all cut down my cost significantly. In the end, Furman and my second-choice school ended up offering me the same amount, which gave me a lot of freedom to listen to my heart and my gut when making the decision.

IMG_1473.jpgI’m not gonna lie–a large part of my decision was based on the fact that campus is beautiful. You’d have to be crazy to think otherwise. Marketed as the “most instagrammable campus in the US,” Furman definitely caught this social-media junkie’s eye. It’s a small and intimate campus, closed off to the community but still within driving distance to several shops and restaurants. But the fact that I can go and read by the lake, or do my homework in the shade of a blooming tree, or wake up to the sunrise over the bell tower–major pluses.

IMG_1630The other major reason I chose Furman? The community. It’s not just something we slap onto a brochure and boast about online. I am on a first-name basis with Russ from post office. The campus cafe knows my regular order. I’ve made friends that go out of their way to hang out with me even on breaks. This school has provided me with not only life long friends, but also great professional opportunities and connections that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. The photo above is of me and my peers at a theatre convention where we were able to find jobs and network with others in our field, financially supported by Furman.

This school is a place where I can make connections, have opportunities, and live life in a beautiful environment. If I could go back in time and talk to Sweet Baby High School Cam, I’d tell her not to worry because she’s going to make the perfect decision by choosing Furman.

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