Things to do during the last few weeks of the school year!

The hustle and bustle of the last month or so of the spring semester is inevitable, and it’s hard to fit all the things you want to do before summer into your schedule! But there are some really meaningful things that you do not want to miss out on!

  1. Make sure to get time with the seniors you’re friends with! You only have so much more time left with them, and believe me, you’re going to miss them when they graduate.  graduate
  2. Enjoy the campus and don’t take it for granted, because you’re going to miss it when you leave for the summer! IMG_5983
  3. Throw in a few more CLPs so you aren’t behind! That way you won’t be stressed about it next year when you’re even busier. There’s some really enjoyable CLPs at the end of the year too!28162226_10155326943222467_3072651809935024514_o
  4. Get hype for summer!! You worked hard and no matter what you do over the summer it’ll be a little break from the Furman grind. no school
  5. LDOC!!! The LDOC celebration is one of the best events FUSAB puts on during the year on the last day of class. Be sure to go to this every year!IMG_5644


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