Things To Do When Spring Has Sprung

Toss aside your jackets and boots because it is finally spring! The flowers are blooming, the sky is clear, and it’s starting to get warm. We’re having some days that are the kind of days that Ferris Bueller would use to wreak havoc on Chicago, so it’s only fitting to give you a list of springtime activities in the Greenville area!

1. Do some work outside

It’s hard to take a break with the end of the semester so close, but with weather like this it would be a crime to sit inside the library all day. Take advantage of our beautiful campus by taking your notes or laptop outside to do some work. Soak up the sun, get some fresh air, and be productive all at the same time!DBE936EC-943A-41C2-BAB2-9B8C701639B0

2. Get fresh strawberries

Every spring, Traveler’s Rest has a Strawberry Festival where you can get locally grown strawberries. Various restaurants around town use them in their foods, too. If you’re a sucker for some fresh fruit like I am, this is the perfect time to get brunch at Tandem to have a strawberry crepe!

16904653_1899119036975763_4252247304867719942_o.jpg3. Get your allergy medicine

With great flowers comes great allergies. Don’t be that guy who’s sniffling in an otherwise silent library, or the person who can’t stop sneezing every time they walk outside. You can’t enjoy a beautiful spring day if you’re feeling under the weather!

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