Things you should do before you move in (but may not think about).

If you’re a rising college freshman, you have an awful lot on your mind. When you move in, you’re going to forget a few things regardless of how hard you try to get just everything in your car. That’s okay! But here are some things you may not think to bring or buy on move-in day that you might need!

1. A trash-can

It seems dumb, but you’re going to have a lot more trash than you think, so you should invest in a trashcan larger than just a bathroom size.

2. So many storage bins. So many.

You have a lot of stuff and you are going to be easily overwhelmed if you don’t have some kind of method for the madness. You’re fitting a lot of things into a small space so storage bins and drawers for under your bed are a necessity!

3. Hangers

Something’s gotta hold all those clothes up. My mom and I quickly realized we had forgotten these on move-in day.


Another thing I stupidly forgot…college mattresses aren’t the most comfortable, but can be easily fixed with a good mattress topper. Most stores that sell them will be sold out on move-in day/week though so buy it before!

5. Dishes

You may live in a dorm room, but you’re going to need at least one of each dish (bowl, plate, fork, etc) for when you cook or heat something up!

6. An easily transported laundry basket

This is important. You don’t know how far away your room is from the laundry room. Buy a hamper/basket under the assumption that you’re going to be carrying it up flights of stairs and across hallways.

Move-in day is an interesting, but memorable day! Happy packing!

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