Reflecting on How Music At Furman Has Impacted My College Experience

Music is my heart and soul.

I wanted to take advantage of this blog post this week to reflect on how music at Furman has truly impacted my Furman experience.

If you are involved in music at Furman, you will most likely perform in music recitals. Whether is it a Tuesday afternoon recital or a Junior/Senior year recital, music students have their fair share of opportunities to get on stage and perform.

This past Wednesday, April 4th, I had the opportunity to get on stage to share my drive and passion for music through a performance at my senior recital in Daniel Recital Hall. It was an opportunity to show my family, friends, and professors a performance reflecting on how much my music capabilities have expanded over the past ten years playing my instrument, the euphonium.

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The first three semesters of my academic career at Furman I had been a double-major with a BA in Music Performance and a BA in Communication Studies. After the fall semester my sophomore year, I had decided that being a music major wasn’t the right path for me as it was slowly making me not love music anymore, especially since I did not want to become a professional musician, a music teacher and/or a composer.

Even though I had decided to focus on just being a Communication Studies major, I still am extremely and actively involved in music here at Furman. That being said, I am in the symphonic band and I also take lessons through the Low Brass studio under Dr. Mark Britt. I spend an average of 8 hours a week involved in music between lessons, rehearsals, and personal practice time.

The music department has been supportive and by my side every step of the past 4 years. I owe them so much for contributing to my growth and passion in music.

If you have a passion and a desire to continue music in college, I highly recommend getting involved and seeing what opportunities there are available.

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