Mother’s Day The Furman Way: Gift Ideas For The Pala-Moms In Your Life

For those of you who haven’t been watching the calendar, Mother’s Day is coming up. In fact, it’s a week after graduation. Which means it’s also a week after finals. Because classes are the only things on our minds around this time, here are my tips for finding the perfect gift for your mothers/grandmothers/aunts/whoever.


They love repping their kids’ schools. They love t-shirts or mugs or any of the cute and cheesy Furman merchandise they sell in the bookstore. You have to go by anyways to drop off your textbooks, why not hit up the racks and find a shirt they’re sure to love?

2. Mom’s Day Out

If you’re like me and live relatively close to campus during breaks, a day trip to Greenville might be a perfect option for you and your mom! Take cute pictures at the Bell Tower, go for a walk around the lake, and when you’re done, get dinner downtown! Can’t go wrong there!

3. Don’t Fail Your Classes!

Because nothing says “I love you, Mom” like keeping your scholarships!

4. Go Home

Sure, cute Furman gifts are nice. But chances are, your mom just wants to see you. We’re out of classes, on our breaks, just set aside time to be at home and appreciate your mom for all they do. Empty nest syndrome is real (as evidenced by my mom’s constant texts with photos of our dogs) and it’s pretty likely that your mom’s pretty cool. She has to be, to have raised a Paladin.

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