Furman Engaged Through the Eyes of a Freshman

As a freshman I had no idea what Furman Engaged was. I heard the name, but it really did not mean much until I experienced it myself. As you come to Furman you’ll probably have the same question: what is Furman Engaged?

Furman Engaged rolls around every spring and the campus is transformed. Classes are cancelled, students become the teachers and there’s an infinite amount of things to learn.


Essentially, the day is set aside for students, freshman through seniors, to present the experiences they’ve had this school year. Students showcase their research, internships, work experience, study abroads, art shows and more.

The whole day is dedicated to Furman students getting share what they’ve done with their time here at Furman. Not everyone presents, but all students are encouraged to attend the different events.


There are so many different presentations to choose from and I spent the day going to the ones that interested me and I honestly learned a lot. It was amazing to see the variety of topics that Furman students are interested in and how each one has had their own unique experience here at Furman.

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