This Is Home

To my utter disbelief I am two weeks away from finishing my freshman year. As in done. Over. Completed.

Currently, I am signing up for classes for fall semester. Then it’s exams next week, packing up my room and then summer break. And in between all that I am spending time together with as many people possible before we all head out!

As everything is wrapping up and the year comes to a close, I can say with full confidence, I am already looking forward to next year.

Freshman year was a mix of everything people say it is and more. Some days were slower than others and some classes were harder than others, but I can’t say I would change any of it. Freshman year is full of stories and memories and people that make me so excited to come back.

My biggest takeaway from freshman year was meeting so many people that have made their time here at Furman unique to themselves. Everyone I know has different interests, hobbies, majors, clubs and more, but we all share this feeling that Furman is home and I couldn’t be more grateful.

P.S – Thanks for following my freshman year adventures and here’s to 3 more years!




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