5 Tips To Finishing The Semester In One Piece

Next week is finals which means one thing: Cammi’s last listicle blog entry! Here are my tips for surviving the last two weeks until break, coming to you live with far too much caffeine in my system.

1. Remember to Eat

Okay, I get it. Hypocrite alert. I can’t quite tell people to remember to eat when I myself try to run on a bar of Toblerone and venti from Starbucks. HOWEVER, you gotta fuel up for these study sessions. Get your three meals in, take time to relax your brain while you eat, and remember: if you do not eat, you will die.


2. Find your study rooms early

It’s second semester finals. All of the seniors who are suddenly realizing they need to pass chemistry in order to graduate are going to be studying their butts off, so the library is not going to be an easily navigated terrain. Get to the library early in the morning to get the best access to study rooms. It’ll suck getting up that early, but when you have your own space to work instead of sharing a table with a bunch of strangers doing an annoying group project, you’ll thank me.

3. Study break = Time to pack

Kill two birds with one stone. Try to pack up your room as you go, instead of all at once. It’ll make things move much more smoothly, and everyone will eventually hit the point where anything sounds better than staring at a textbook–even folding socks.


4. Set aside time to socialize

Block out an hour or two per day to relax and socialize. You can’t spend your entire day stuck in a study room trying to finish that paper that’s due at midnight–you will eventually crash. No good. Block out breaks in advance to get a snack with a friend or go for a quick walk. It’ll keep you in the right mindset to keep working!

5. Don’t wish it away

Finals are not fun. They’re stressful, and chaotic, and all of the twitter memes you read about them are true. But it’s still college. And sometimes, in the midst of trying to study for all of your tests, you make some incredible memories. You bond with your classmates and friends, you do silly things to relieve the stress, and you’re gonna miss it in a week when you don’t get to see these people until August. Enjoy the moment.


Thanks for following my adventures this year!


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