Last Week of Class at Furman!

A short week away from finishing my sophomore year, I thought I’d share some advice for the days leading up to finals!

1. Catch up on a few CLP’s.

There isn’t much to do during the last day of class, so it’s a good time to get a last few CLPs in.

2. LDOC Party!

Go to the LDOC celebration!! It’s so much fun and FUSAB members work really hard to make it awesome. It’s a nice way to have some fun with your friends before finals!

3. Study Day Festivities

Study is fun (despite the studying part) because Furman really goes crazy with the snacks and resources to help you de-stress. Massage chairs are almost always involved.

4. Walk around the lake one last time before you have to leave 🙁

Unless you’re staying at Furman over the summer in which case, I’m jealous.

5. Clean out your STUFF

Throw some things away so you have less to move out and can start fresh next year when you will accumulate yet another boatload of free stuff (because that’s what college is about).

6. Take time to be mindful

Finals can be high pressure, so it’s important that you take some time to relax and remember that finals are temporary. It seems impossible, but they are!

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