Sophomore Year Advice

Now that there’s only about 5 more days left of my sophomore year, I feel qualified to give this advice. However, I’m not the only one qualified, so I got some additional input from some great friends of mine from the sophomore class! (An idea I got from a graduating senior which goes along with my advice to value your time with upperclassmen! They have a lot of great advice and friendship to offer!)

“Sophomore year is different from freshman year. Allow yourself to adapt and change with those differences and move forward instead of trying to recreate your freshman year.” – Mattie Macdonald

“The sophomore slump is real, but that’s okay. Remember that your value comes from so many aspects of life and not just school.” – Rachel Stanleyformal

“Let yourself spread out to new people!! It’s fun to have your feet under you and to both know the upperclassmen and reach out to freshmen.” – Katie Brown

“Try to minimize expectations that you have based on both your freshman year as well as on what you hear about the sophomore slump.” – Chriss Spires

“It’s okay to not be okay!! Not everyone expects you to have it together 1000% of the time, and struggling through challenging things is what makes you a dynamic and relatable person! – Allie Hargrove


“Pick a few activities that you enjoy and invest deeply in those instead of trying to be involved in everything.” – Caroline Filston

“Don’t download fortnite.” – Johnny Aluri

“Be open to the gift of things changing even though you aren’t a freshman anymore. It can be both exciting and incredibly hard, but try to let go of your expectations.” – Annie Weaver


“Have fun and take joy in the simple things. Prioritize relationships and spontaneous adventures and remember to give yourself a lot of grace because grades are important and people are way more important.” – Jeannie Marks

” It’s ok to hang out with different people and it’s also ok to hang out alone.” – Ben Davids

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