Packing Tips for International Students

Hi incoming international students!! My name is Rish, and I am a rising senior from Kolkata, India.   The school year is about to start, so you’re most likely busy preparing for your big move to the US. Don’t worry, I’ve had plenty of years to perfect the packing process, and I’m here to give you some tips for your first move-in day!

  1. Bring your important documents

These include your passport, international insurance plan, I-20, and so on. Keep these documents in a thin folder in your carry-on, and leave it in a safe space when you arrive at your final destination.

  1. Do not bring books/notebooks

They’re just too heavy. You can buy books/notebooks in the US and they are not too expensive. Many of the books that you need can be found in the library, too!

  1. Bring a universal adapter.

The outlets in your new dormitory or apartment will likely be different from the ones where you are from, not matter the country. Pro tip: an ideal adapter has dual USB ports and built-in fuse protection!

  1. Do not bring the comforter set.

On your first day arriving at Furman, current students will drive you the Walmart or Target to get what you need, so there’s no need to pack a comforter.  Save that space for other items!

  1. Bring medicine.

Navigating a foreign pharmacy is absolutely no fun when you’re running a high fever. Even though we have an infirmary on campus, sometimes it’s nice to already have a medicine that you’re familiar with ready to go.

  1. Do not bring electric items.

The voltage system in your new country might fry your hair straighteners, blow dryers, etc. It’s better just to buy those things in-country or bring extra adaptors.

  1. Bring location-appropriate clothing.

Do some research about the country you’re headed to. Check the weather, the dress code (if any) at your in-country school, and definitely find out what kind of clothing is culturally appropriate.

  1. Do not bring too many clothes/ shoes.

You’ll probably want to buy things while you’re in the US. Bring dual-purpose, neutral-colored clothing that you can mix and match.

  1. Bring walking shoes.

There’s a lot of exploring to be done in foreign lands! You may also be doing a lot of walking if you don’t have a primary mode of transportation wherever you’ll be staying. Go easy on your feet, and bring some comfortable sneakers.

  1. Make sure to weigh your suitcases!

Make sure you check you suitcase’s weight before getting to the airport. If they are over-weight, you might have to pay for extra weight or leave something at home.

Good luck packing, and we can’t wait to welcome you to Furman’s campus in just a few weeks!

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