Senior Year Checklist

The time has come – it’s your senior year! College is right around the corner and you’ll want to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. Here is a quick list of some important things to remember as you prepare for college:

  • If you plan on taking the ACT/SAT in the fall – make sure to schedule your tests early enough to get your scores in on time!

  • If you haven’t already, schedule college campus tours to learn more about different schools and what they have to offer. Try to imagine yourself as a student while you visit, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any!

  • Attend local college fairs to meet admissions counselors, obtain more information about schools, and get free swag!

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  • Keep track of very important dates and deadlines – make sure they are on your calendar! You’ll want to pay special attention to standardized test dates, application deadlines, financial aid deadlines, and more!


  • Create and/or narrow down a list of your favorite colleges and universities to which you’d like to apply. A pro/con list is a great way to narrow down your choices!

  • Start your applications! Make sure you know how the application process works for each school and what materials they require.

  • Ask for letters of recommendation from counselors, teachers, coaches, bosses, etc. Try to do this earlier in the school year so they have plenty of time!

  • Write and proofread your college essays! Have someone else check for spelling errors before you submit to make sure everything looks good.

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  • Make sure your transcripts and test scores are sent to the right schools! You can ask your high school counselor or admissions counselor to check for you.

  • Triple check each of your applications, and turn them in by the deadline!!

  • Remember, it’s okay to have questions. You can always call your admissions counselor – we’ll be ready and willing to help!


By: Maddie McAleenan, Admissions Counselor





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