Fall Orientation

Fall Orientation is the first chance you’ll get to reinvent yourself as a brand-new college student. You wake up bright and early to pack the car full of all your new belongs to start the journey of living in a dorm room. Once you are done decorating your room exactly how you want it, or for guys, once you are done throwing your comforter on your bed and hanging up your posters and flags, you’ll head to the auditorium to sit with your parents and the rest of your freshman class for the first time together as a whole, the last time being when you all graduate together. From there you will meet with your academic advisor for the first time to start mapping out the next 4 years of your life. You’ll say goodbye to your parents and start living confidently on your own, then the real fun begins. You will meet two insane crazy people, those two people being your O-staff leaders. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. You will have a group of about 15 other students that must deal with the crazy and enthusiastic leaders as well. You will play so many ice breakers to get to know your group that you’ll have everyone’s names, birthday, favorite color, etc. memorized by the end of the weekend. You will attend your first ever CLP!! Only 31 more to go… There are many more fun events throughout the weekend like PACfest, O-lympics, Carnival, and soccer games.

The things you do this weekend will create a forever memory. I am still best friends with at least half of the students that were in my O-group. Keep an open mind through the days and meet new friends, they could even turn out to be your bridesmaid or groomsman one day.

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