International Student Orientation

Are you excited to be at Furman and explore Greenville? Are you worried to be abroad for the first time and to live on your own? Save the date on August 18-24, 2018 to arrive at Furman and begin your new journey here with the International Student Orientation. This is an incredible all-inclusive opportunity for you to jump into Furman prepared for your next four years!


What is looking for you during the International Student Orientation?

  • Our orientation staff will pick you up from from Greenville Spartanburg Airport (GSP) on August 17 – 18, 2018

–     Introduction to Furman’s campus

–     Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks each day (I was amazed by the dining hall food, especially Furman famous cookies when I came last year)

–     Early move-in to your dormitory
–     Mock classes to simulate a Furman classroom experience

–     Other academic, cultural, and social events (Be ready to explore Downtown Greenville!)

Who is your OA?

Orientation Assistants (OAs) will be there to help you throughout orientation. These students are domestic Furman students who are interested in spending time with international students and welcoming them to Furman! They are all friendly and welcoming so don’t hesitate to talk to them or ask for help. Your OAs will be your first friends at Furman who takes care of you by the time you live here and make sure that your transition to Furman will be a great experience.


The schedule is packed and we promise you won’t want to miss a day. Below you will find a sneak peek at your first full day on campus…

8:30 AM    Breakfast with Orientation Assistants

9:30 AM    Meet and Greet with Furman President (pending schedule)

10:00 AM  Campus tours: Walking tour and Golf Cart tour

11:45 AM  Picnic Lunch on the Furman lawn

1:00 PM    Ice Breaker Activities

2:00 PM    Campus Scavenger Hunt with Orientation Assistants

3:30 PM    Break
6:00 PM    Welcome dinner (families are invited!)

7:00 PM    Movie in on-campus theater (Burgiss Theater)

9:00 PM    Free-time/bed-time/get rid of your jet-lag

By: Minnie Pham








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