Travel Season: On the Road Again and again and again and again!

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One of the greatest seasons in the Admissions Office is travel season! At the start of the school year, Admissions Counselors travel to different areas of the country where they meet and recruit students to come to their institutions. Traveling for Furman is a blast! You meet new people, try new food, see new cities, and share information about our beautiful campus.

It’s also a lot of work! Counselors spend August, September, October, and early November on the road. We live in hotels and are constantly driving from high school to high school, answering emails, and meeting new people. We become very familiar with hotels rooms, rental cars, airplane seats, and packing luggage. But when we meet with students along the way who are interested in our school and want to make Furman their collegiate home, it makes it all worth it!

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So here are some ways you can show your interest in Furman during Travel Season!

  1. Email your counselor and ask when they will be in your area.

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  • Admissions Counselors spend a week or more in practically every state across the country. We should be in an area near you! Reach out and ask when you might be able to see us!

2. Talk to your College Counselor and ask if a representative will be coming to your high school.

  • Come meet with us, especially if you’re interested in our school! Your College Counselors know when each college representative is visiting, so don’t be afraid to ask for the schedule!

3. Attending a high school visit.

  • During a high school visit, Admissions Counselors will provide information about their school and then give you the opportunity to ask questions. Each Counselor has a different visit style, but this is a wonderful way for you to have personal time with a representative and ask questions one on one!

4. Meeting for a Counselor Conversation.

  • At Furman we have Counselor Conversations in major cities across the USA. Student’s can sign up for a time to meet with their Admissions Counselor and get to know our school in a casual, non-evaluative setting. This conversation also allows your Counselor to get to know you too!

5. Attending a College Fair.

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  • College Fairs are a wonderful time to explore numerous schools all at once. If you are unsure of where you want to attend or what you are looking for in a school, go to a college fair in your area and see what a variety of different schools have to offer!

6. Let your Admissions Counselor know you are interested, even if you cannot meet with them.

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  • Admissions Counselors are constantly checking their email. If you are not available to meet during their scheduled visit times, reach out to them! They might be able to set up an alternative time to meet in person or speak over the phone.

7. If you cannot attend any events while we are on the road, come see us on campus!


  • We love having visitors at Furman! If you missed us on the road (or even if you did see us on the road) come visit our beautiful home, we would love to show you around.


By: Clare Ruble, Admissions Counselor

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