Tips for Connecting with Your Admissions Counselor

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me: An Admissions Counselor’s Tale

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So, you’re thinking about going to college? You know that the trivial joys and lesser challenges of high school can’t sustain your longing for self-improvement forever and you want to take that next step. You’re searching through the lists of colleges and universities that popped up on Google, trying to find out what distinguishes one from the other. It’s a mighty task trying to make those distinctions on your own. There are hundreds of statistics about hundreds of universities and thousands of stories about thousands of students and they all start to run together. Oftentimes the information you’re getting isn’t even about anything you care about! So how do you find out what you want to know without all the nonsense? That’s where we as Admissions Counselors come into play. Connect with us in any of the following ways so that you can help us, help you!

  1. Give us a call! : One of the easiest ways to learn about a university is to talk to someone in Admissions. This way, we can answer your questions in real time and additional questions or concerns that pop-up can be addressed on the spot! I know everyone has cell phones these days (even the middle schoolers) so call us and get to know about college.giphy
  2. Email us! : Sometimes, we may be out of the office or unavailable at the time of your call. This can happen quite often as the hours you’re in school line up with a large chunk of the hours that our office is open. In that case, email may be the most convenient way to contact an admissions counselor.wade
  3. Visit campus! : A sure-fire way to connect with your counselor is to visit a university’s campus. You can come take a tour of the academic buildings and residence halls, talk with current students and professors, and then sit down with us for a few minutes in our offices. It’s always great to get some face-to-face interaction and make a memory or two!    hair flip
  4. Find us in your area! : As admissions counselors, we are constantly travelling to different areas of the country to meet with bright individuals such as yourselves. Whether it’s visiting high schools, attending college fairs, or posting up at a Panera for a couple of hours, there are a number of different ways that we make ourselves available for you to chat with us!see you again

To sum it all up: finding the right college can be hard, but connecting with your admissions counselor couldn’t be easier! Talk to us and get some helpful information about where you’re going to spend the best four years of your life!

By: Matt Reeve, Admissions Counselor

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