Traditions at Furman

Furman was founded in 1826 and for the past 192 years our students have created a lot of Furman Traditions. Some of our traditions are a secret and shall remain a secret until you become a student here. However, we do have other traditions that we can share with you!



On your birthday, your enemies friends take you from your bed in the middle of the night and throw you into Furman’s Swan Lake! I hope that your birthday isn’t in the winter!!

Fountain Hopping

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Furman has a LOT of fountains and by the end of your four years here you’re supposed to have jumped in every single fountain on campus. Just try not to get caught doing so and remember to wear shoes!


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aka Last Day of Class. LDOC is a fun celebration for the end of each year filled with food trucks, free giveaways, and fun activities. The best tradition comes when you are a senior. All of the seniors jump into the big fountain right outside of the library. You’ll see everything from snorkeling/scuba gear to giant flamingo and whale floats!



aka The Dining Hall. Our Dh gets dressed up for all sorts of holidays and celebrates with themed food for each occasion. On St. Patrick’s Day, everything turns green. On Mardi Gras, everything is New Orleans themed with lots of purple, green and yellow beads. On Halloween, all the workers dress up and there is a massive candy bar. On Thanksgiving, there is the famous DH Thanksgiving where you have to be rolled back to your dorm because you eat so much food. The best of all is Moonlight Breakfast. The evening before everyone’s first exam the DH stays open late  and your professors serve you breakfast food to wish you good luck on your exams!

Bell Tower Kiss

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Legend has it that if you and your significant other kiss beneath the Bell Tower, you are destined to marry them! Choose wisely!

Rose Garden

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The gardeners will clip roses and leave them on the hedges for students and faculty to take home and give to friends (or more than friends!!)


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A Furman favorite is Orientation Carnival. During O-week (Orientation Week) Furman hosts a giant carnival to kick of the start of the year! It includes, rides, blowups, caricatures, and tons of free food!

Tour of White Oaks

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White Oaks is our President’s Mansion and during your first week on campus, the President opens up their house for the freshman class to take tour. The Fall Orientation staff will guide you through the house and explain its unique history.

Champagne Toast

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During your final week on campus, seniors are invited to Cherrydale Alumni House to toast their four years at Furman with their fellow classmates, professors, and faculty. Senior Superlatives are also given out!

Final Walk Down the Mall

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During your first week on campus, you walk from the Paladin Stadium to McAlister for Opening Convocation. On the saddest day of your life your graduation day, you will walk down the same path to Paladin Stadium to walk across the stage and receive your diploma!


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Our famous cheer started in the 60s. At every football you can hear our students screaming “FU One Time! FU Two Times! FU Three Times! FU All the Time!!”

There are many more traditions at Furman, but you will just have to come see for yourself!!

By: Clare Ruble, ’17

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