Surprise…It’s Me

Hello, I’m hyped to be back for round two! Thanks for joining me.

Considering, I shared many a fun facts about myself last year, here’s the sparknotes version:

  1. My name is Abby Mathai, I’m an undeclared sophomore who may or may not major in Psych and/or Politics.
  2. I’m from the dopest state, Texas, and I’m not obnoxious about it unless you bring it up.
  3. Outside of the occasional class, here are two ways I spend some of my time: I’m on FUSAB(our student activities board) and I’m a Sports Marketing Intern.


Here are some highlights:

  1. My ideal starting five for a NBA team: Tim Duncan(an icon), Steve Nash(Suns era only), Ray Allen, Bird and Bill Russell.
  2. I got to feed an alpaca for the first time last year and I’ve never felt so alive.


3. I have a piece of metal in my right hand. Sadly, not big enough to set off airport security.

4. I was a camp counselor for the first time this summer where I got real good at starting fires and had only one trip to the ER(not fire-related)

If you wanna know more, feel free to ask! Other than that, let’s find out how sophomore year turns out. Watch it unfold at #abbyrunningthroughthe864

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