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Here’s my awesome fam & I this summer in Seattle, WA.

Hello!!! My name is Abi Barford and I’m super excited to be a social media intern this year! Let me tell you a little about myself…I’m a freshman (#classof2022) from Atlanta, Georgia and my major is undecided (if you’re an incoming freshman reading this: being undecided is perfectly okay!!!). I also love to spend time with my family and friends, play tennis, and go to Nordstrom Rack:)

Now that I’ve gotten through the important info, here’s a funny story about me (I think it’s funny so don’t judge if you don’t). So, last October my aunt and uncle and my parents took a trip to Aruba, leaving my cousin, Gracie, and I staying at my house. We were feeling festive so we took a trip to the local pumpkin patch, which is also where a petting zoo happens to be. So with our parents in a different country, we bought BUNNIES (no, we didn’t tell our parents). Gracie named her’s Oliver and my precious bunny is named Gigi. Our parents came home the next day in complete shock to what they found in their homes. Gracie and I begged to keep them and of course the parents all gave in, all though my dad keeps telling me he is going to set Gigi free. Now that I’m at Furman, my sweet mom is stuck taking care of her until I’m allowed to have her again (thanks mom, love you).

Gigi and I!! Isn’t she so cute?

Anyway, I’m ecstatic about sharing my freshman year experiences with all of you; hopefully my blogs will be helpful!!! You can keep up with all my blog posts on this website and follow my Instagram posts @fuadmission and through the hashtag #AuthenticallyAbi. Thanks for reading:)

zip line
This is me zip lining in Alaska, just thought I’d share.


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