How to Navigate Extracurricular Activities: Getting Involved & Expressing it on your College Application

When it comes to the college admission process, academics tend to be in the spotlight. Your GPA and the classes you take will always be important, don’t get me wrong, but what you choose to do outside of the classroom matters too! How you decide to spend your weekends, what you are involved in, and what types of activities excite you all give us a great feel for who you as a PERSON! When it comes to deciding what type of extracurricular activities you should be involved in, there’s a few different questions you should ask yourself:

First and foremost, what are you passionate about?

Take the time to consider what makes you happy and how you would enjoy spending your time outside of the classroom. Maybe you’ve always loved soccer, maybe it’s singing, or maybe it’s giving back to the community. Whatever your passions may be, seek out the opportunities that align.


What clubs and organizations does your high school offer?

Odds are, your high school has more clubs and organizations to take part in than you realize! With so much opportunity surrounding you, take the time to really get to know all of the options available. Maybe you’ll find your school doesn’t offer a club suiting your interests – find out how to get it started!


Next: Get involved!

Whether it’s student government, youth group, athletics, or community service – take the time to join clubs and organizations at your school! It’s a great way to meet new people that share your common interests.


Be active within your community!

Find ways to not only get involved at your high school, but within your community as well! Join a local book club or volunteer at a local food shelter, the possibilities are endless.


Try something new.

Don’t be afraid to break outside of your comfort zone. Who knows, you might find a new passion, learn something new about yourself, or make some friends in the process!


Leadership Roles

Are you the captain of the lacrosse team? Are you in charge of costume design for your school musical? Let us know! Not only is it great to see what extracurricular opportunities you’re taking part in, but the roles you play as a member of these groups and organizations as well.


Making an Impact

As you are getting ready to graduate and leave behind your extracurriculars? How have you left your mark? Did you see a problem and fix it? Did you leave it better than you found it? Tell us how!


Be yourself.

Don’t choose an extracurricular because you think it’s what a college will want to see. Choose it because it’s something that excites you! Do what makes you happy and follow your passions. If you do, it will translate to admissions counselors and be much a more rewarding experience in the end!


By: Mckenna Reese, Admissions Counselor

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