The Family Advantage

Family Weekend is the college version of that day in elementary school where your parents would come read to the class. The day you got to show them off, and make sure they brought the best snacks so you’d be the most popular kid.

Look how freaking cute they are. My heroes.

My advice, embrace it. College is different than the usual high school time when your parents knew everything about your daily life and friends and vice versa. So give ’em a little sneak peek.

  1. Let them meet all the friends you talk about on the phone or the ones they see in all your insta posts.
  2. Go to the football game and show them off to the world a little, maybe they’ll bring snacks and boost your popularity.

3. EAT FOOD WITH THEM. All those restaurants you can’t afford on your own are screaming at you. Take advantage.

I do realize not everybody’s parents are gonna be here, I’m in the same boat. Now is the perfect time to meet your friends’ families. There are so many people on campus who would not mind you tagging along. Just ask!


If you still can’t find someone, come find me!



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