My Kind of Furman Family

When I came to visit Furman last year I kept hearing things like “Furman is one big family,” or “my teammates are like a second family,” and “the girls on my hall are like my sisters.” I wanted to know what made this school so special that the students felt so connected, and now that I’ve been here for about a month I think I have an idea of what they were talking about.

My friends and I while we facetime my mom:)


I’ve felt so accepted by this school and all the students I’ve met here. My professors have been trying to learn everyone’s name, which is a big deal considering how many students they have. You can really tell that they want us to be prepared because they say they have “specific office hours” but then they remind you “but you can always shoot me an email with questions or make an appointment.” This just proves they are willing to help you around the clock, not just office hours. Another example of the family I’ve found here at Furman is how willing the upperclassman are to help you. My fall orientation leaders, (if you don’t know, there’s a fall orientation for new students the first couple days after move-in) they were so helpful and patient answering all our questions and waiting on all the people we knew were lost. At the end of orientation, all of us from #group18 knew we could reach out to our O-leaders even though they weren’t required to help us anymore. There are even upperclassmen that will check-in or ask for a coffee date because they have been through freshman year and they know what the transition is like. Also, the friends I’ve made have been so amazing. We’ve laughed, cried, laughed until we’ve cried all within knowing each other for like three weeks. That sense of trust is so nice to have because we are all experiencing this new chapter of our lives and it’s so much easier going through it with people who know what I’m talking about. Even a couple weeks ago when I got this social media internship, I was so excited to tell my advisor and when I did she was so proud and excited for me. I think that’s a perfect example of the Furman family because she is pushing me to do better and wants me to make the most of my experience here.


4 gals
I got to bring some friends home a couple weekends ago!! (left to right: me, Emma, Jordan, Whitni) (& yes I still throw up peace signs don’t judge)

emotional gif






Thinking of my own experiences so far, I think the meaning of the Furman family is the feeling of being supported and being cared about by the people who surround you. I know that there are so many people who I can go to if I’m having any kind of problem or just wanna talk, which is ultimately going to help enhance my experience here at Furman. I’ve only been here a month so I can’t wait to see what my Furman family grows into over the next four years!!!

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