An Unlimited Family

Families can come from near and far and can even be people that you wouldn’t expect. For me, a family does not only have to be your blood relatives that share the same last name. A family is a collection of people that improve the quality of life–I have found that family at Furman.

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Yes, there is my mother, my father, my brother, aunts and uncles (the list goes on…) but when being at a college that is 7 hours away from home, I can’t always have them with me. Since being at Furman, I have come across new people that have made Furman feel just like home. They are my Furman family.

Golf Family

I always heard that being a part of college athletics would be so rewarding when the players care deeply about one another—luckily the Furman golf team is that way. Through the highs and lows of our sport and daily lives, my teammates and coaches support and love one another just like a family. (They even provide the constructive criticism when in need of a push, just like your very own parents!)


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Apartment Family

These are the girls that really make Furman feel like home! Not only do we live together like a family, but we are also one. From sharing success to sharing hard times, these 3 ladies always have sound advice and endless love.

Sorority Family

I never expected to join a sorority in college, but after deciding to do so, I was thrilled. I found my home and family in Kappa Delta. These are the girls who push each other to be the best that they can be, all while instilling confidence in each other.

The Few and Far Between Family

I have met some incredibly impactful people since being at Furman that complete my family. These are exceptional people who are near and dear to my heart. Without these individuals, I would not be who I am today.

Despite where all these people may be on campus, on the map or even after graduation, I know that we will always have each other. Furman has given me a new kind of family that is lifelong and irreplaceable.

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