Baby Steps

If I am being completely honest, I do not fully recall all the little details about applying to colleges; however, I can tell you what I do remember. And before I continue, if you’re wondering why I might be a mildly credible source on the topic, I would like to cite my current status of being a college student here at Furman.

Now here is my advice:

Baby Steps. Take baby steps. The whole applying to college thing is what some might call a marathon. I have never partaken in a marathon, but I can safely assume you do not sprint the whole thing. So breathe.michael


Start your applications as early as possible, so you (and your parents) are not crazy stressed. Continue to work on them in little increments. You’re going to be spending the next four years here, so channel that excitement and interest into your application.

College is different for everyone and in the same way the applying to college process will look different for everyone too. That means you. If your process does not match your best friend’s, your significant other’s, your peers, etc., that’s ok. Just help you help yourself and start. One step at a time. I hope to see you here next year!


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