Leading Up to Fall Break

It’s almost time for fall break!!!! ~bring out the pumpkin spice and Halloween costumes~ I am so excited to go home this weekend because I get to see my family and my PETS!!! But what I really want to talk about is the little things that make going home great. Some may know, I am a freshman at Furman and I’m realizing that I miss a lot more than just my friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be at Furman but I think I may have gone through my senior year and/or summer without realizing what small things I was taking advantage of.

Happy October everyone:)

Let me tell you what I’m talking about (to the high school seniors reading this: you’re gonna get to college and realize I’m right about this). I miss not showering with shoes on, not using a community bathroom, not sleeping in a twin bed that is six feet off the ground, being able to sit on my couch at home, being able to go to my favorite restaurants!! These may seem silly but they are just some of the luxuries that await me in Atlanta this weekend. All of these really are not bad at all to deal with, but when you move into a dorm it makes you realize how lucky you were to live in that home. Of course, I miss my family and friends too but FaceTiming them really helps. However, I cannot FaceTime all the shoes I had to leave at home.


My attitude this week.

This week has definitely been a long one (even though it’s only Wednesday) considering everyone is so excited about heading home for the four day weekend. All my friends and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Friday while trying to stay focused on our schoolwork. Also, I’m writing down everything I have to do so I can have a stress free fall break (hopefully everyone does the same)!!




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