Which Study Away Program Is Right For You?

It’s getting close to that time of year–applications for study away programs drop in a few short months but before you can apply for a program, you need to start deciding what kind of program you want to go on.

Furman offers a variety of options, each with their own merits. And to best explain those options, I present to you… a listicle.

Faculty-Led Programs

me and my group talking about our professors on the UK trip

Faculty-Led programs are exactly what they sound like. You travel in a group with other Furman students, led by one or two Furman professors, and you do classes with that group and those professors. This is what kind of program I’m on. In this kind of trip, you spend a lot of time with your group and professors, and this leads to some really cool friendships and shared experiences.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are done with Furman through an outside school, so no professorswith you. There may be other Furman students, but you won’t be taking official Furman classes–you’ll be taking them through an outside institution. Don’t worry, though, because your courses will be transferrable if you get them pre-approved!

Domestic Programs

If leaving the country isn’t your style, Furman also offers a few programs within the US. One ofthe most popular ones is held in Washington, D.C., though many MayX trips are also domestic. This allows you to explore the states a little more while continuing your education with Furman!


“But Cammi! What’s a MayX trip?” I’m glad you asked. MayX is a month long program where students can take classes on campus, throughout the US, or internationally. They include tours of Italy, learning more about religion in Jerusalem, or even exploring the automoti

ve industry in the southeast. Of course, you can also take different classes on campus during this time, though this post is about studying away, so I’ll talk about on-campus MayX classes another time.

Exchange Program

don’t just watch the Lizzie McGuire movie–live it

Furman is partnered with other colleges in Japan, the Netherlands, and South Africa. Through this program, you’re taking classes at those universities, and for all intents and purposes are a full-time student there. These classes will transfer back home, but you won’t be a part of a group or have any professors with you, and it’s usually recommended for people who are confident that they can handle new languages and cultures.

All of Furman’s programs are great and have a ton to offer you. I love my program so much, but with the applications dropping on November 1, now is the time for you to start digging into which one is right for your wants and needs! If you have any further questions about how I picked my program, or why, let me know! Happy hunting!


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