How To: Apply Stress-free

Applying for college can seem overwhelming and complicated. Here are 5 tips to help with the application process to Furman!

Be Original


Highlight the originality of your application by focusing on experiences and qualities that are unique to you and set you apart from others. For example, most college essays are written about the responsibility that comes with being a club president or how a mission trip has changed you. I encourage you to look deeper and find other qualities or involvements that you have been a part of, which are distinctive and best representative of you. Explore the assets that make you a well-rounded and individualistic applicant.


Stay in touch! I highly recommend emailing the admissions counselor that represents your geographical location or has provided you with a campus tour. These emails could consist of updates on your life, sharing with them what you found interesting on your visit to Furman’s campus, asking questions about things you don’t know the answer to, or just to say hello to keep a connection and an ongoing familiar relationship. Admissions counselors can be an advocate on your behalf and can also provide help when it is time to apply!



Take a campus visit to Furman. I think it is imperative that you visit a university before applying. You want to be sure that the university is a good fit for you and that you will be a good fit for the university. Visiting Furman can help you determine whether or not the location and the total campus feel are to your liking and meet your academic, social and maybe even athletic needs.

Be Inquisitive

Ask questions and listen to advice from current students about their time at Furman. When on your campus tour, you may come across students that are currently enrolled. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what their experience has been like so far. Hearing this information might spike your interest in what is happening on Furman’s campus, or may even help to determine your final decision.

Use Social Media

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Lastly, I recommend following Furman on social media. Furman social media accounts can offer an indication of what activities occur on campus and what attending the school might be like. Furthermore, participate in online forums, such as Instagram or Facebook live videos, in order to ask questions and receive answers. Following social media will allow you to acquire as much information about Furman as possible and gain a fuller understanding of its campus community!


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