Living in the Dorms

Freshman year is full of firsts. The first time meeting so many new people. The first time taking college classes. The first time you need to wear shower shoes. But perhaps the biggest first you will experience freshman year is living in a dorm.

This is an example of something you and your roommate should talk about.


South Housing, where most freshmen live (unless you get the luxury of living in Lakeside), is set up where you could get a single, a double, or a triple room. Also, Furman does random room assignments (don’t freak out). I’ve found that the random roommate process helps students to want to make friends with other people because they are not already friends with their roommate. I feel as if we were allowed to choose roommates,  I would not be friends with the people I am now because I would have gotten too attached to my roommate. I’m in a double where I share the room with one other person. I feel like some people put so much pressure on becoming best friends with their roommate. Don’t feel like you have to do that because that could stop both of you from becoming friends with other people. Of course, it’s important to be able to talk to your roommate and feel comfortable around them. My advice on this is to get to know each other a bit. Do they listen to music when they study? Do they like to sleep in pitch black or have some light? Do they wake up early or late? Knowing you can talk to your roommate about things like guests or cleaning is going to be really helpful throughout the year.

Yes, you can still sing in the shower!!! We don’t judge our hallmates!


Another thing I was nervous about was the community bathrooms. SoHo does have community bathrooms so you share with all the people on your hall. So when thinking about community bathrooms I always thought that I was going to have to wait in line every time I wanted to shower. But actually, there’s usually no one ever in there the same time as me. When you think about it, everyone is on different schedules and everyone has preferences as to when they prefer to shower. It’s not as bad as people make it out to be, just remember to bring your shower shoes! It’s also not crowded in there because in most dorms there are sinks in the rooms where we brush our teeth/face and get ready so no one is ever at the mirror long in the community bathroom. Also, it gets cleaned every day which is amazing. I know I thought community bathrooms were going to be the death of me but actually, they aren’t bad at all and really aren’t anything to worry about!

dorm room
Here’s my dorm!! Not a huge space but I made it work and I loveee it.


One of the most fun parts of living in the dorm is decorating your room!! I know I was so excited about picking out the colors, comforter, pillows, and decorations for my side of the room. All the Target and TJ Maxx runs with my mom added so much anticipation to what the room would look like when we were done. The rooms are pretty small so when decorating your dorm, I would say less is more. You don’t need fifty things on your desk and are you ever going to use those four blankets on your bed? I would highly recommend getting a rug big enough for the middle of the room as well as a bathmat to put in front of the sink if you have one. Enjoy the time picking out the things you want in your room because you should make your room feel like home and somewhere you want to spend time.

P.S. You think dorm hallways are a horrible place to take cute pics? Nope!! (These are my gals Whitni & Nicolle)


Dorms are also fun because you meet people on your hall. Some of my friends live only a couple doors down from me which is so convenient. At home, I would have to drive to my friends’ houses but now I can just walk down the hall or across the courtyard. It is important to put in the effort to make friends on your hall because you will see most of your hallmates every day. It’s better to see friendly faces than just random people you live with, especially if you have had a rough day. Also, all of us on the hall are basically going through the same adjustment to freshman year and it’s nice to be able to talk to your friends about it because they can relate to it.

So, when thinking about living in the dorms, get excited and be open minded!!! This might not be the kind of home you’re used to but it will actually be a fun time as long as you let it.


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