Greenville and Beyond

Before coming to live here in the wonderful state of South Carolina, I knew absolutely nothing about it. I probably would not have been able to even point it out on a map.


BUT, a year in and many car rides later, I’ve come to know and love some of what South Carolina has to offer. If you’re wondering what exactly there is to do, I suggest taking a classic road trip. There is nothing quite like the freedom of a road trip and that’s why I spent my spring break roadtripping around SC.


My first stop was Asheville (about an 1 hr away). I spent 3  days there watching the SoCon, eating so much food and just roaming around with friend. I then traveled on down to Columbia, SC (3. hrs away), which is quite the popping city. I had never been and it did not disappoint. I stayed near USC’s campus with another friend and I would go back any day.


My last stop, Pawleys Island, took me to the coast and I stayed with another friend and her family. IMG_5773

I stopped at random stores, bakeries and restaurants the whole trip and found some new favorite places around SC! So next time you’re wondering what there is to do around here, just get in a car, have a sick playlist ready to go and drive!

Catch more of my roadtrip adventures at #abbyrunningthroughthe864

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