Homecoming at Furman

Homecoming at Furman is one of many Furman students’ favorite events of the year.  For a week, life outside of class revolves around Homecoming. Homecoming operates as a competition for Greek Life and is also a time to welcome alumni back to their alma mater. There is something for everyone during Homecoming Week!


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A key part of homecoming competition is the floats that the Greek organizations build. Before homecoming begins, there is a cornhole tournament at the Cherrydale Alumni House that decides the order of choosing the themes of the floats.  The winner of the tournament gets to choose the theme of the event and also the theme of their float first, and it goes down from there.  For example, the theme last year was “A Land Before Furman.”  Examples of floats resulting from this were a castle, a Viking ship, a Wild West saloon, a pirate ship, a pyramid, and a colloseum.  Float building begins on the Thursday of homecoming week and will continue until Saturday.


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Friday night, there are many events happening on the Furman Mall! There are food trucks, inflatable obstacle courses, a car students can smash with a sledge hammer, and a big bonfire for students to enjoy.  The best part is the Carnival! The Mall is filled with rides for students and Furman families to enjoy!




Horseplay skits are another part of the Homecoming competition. These are comedic skits put on by each pairing of Greek organizations. They are always very entertaining to watch and a great time during Homecoming week to cheer on your friends!

Chalk Painting

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Another element of the Homecoming Competition is Chalk Painting.  The week before homecoming weekend, in front of the dining hall there are tons of chalk paintings that represent the theme each Greek organization is using. These paintings are truly works of art and are always fun to make.

Homecoming Wins

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On Saturday is our Homecoming Football game! There are many wins that the Paladins are hoping for: 1. Our Football Team to win our Homecoming Game and 2. The Homecoming Competition Win. During halftime students wait to hear who won the competition and see who gets to take the trophy home!


Homecoming King and Queen

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Furman students also eagerly wait for the Homecoming King and Queen to be announced. Furman has a unique nomination system where any organization (Greek or non-Greek) can nominate a rising senior to be in the running for king or queen. Those candidates them submit a resume and from there are selected to complete an interview with the alumni office. One the Homecoming Court is selected, the candidates and their organizations campaign for students to vote for their King or Queen. During the half time of the football game the King and Queen are announced!


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Another competition during Homecoming is called HAVOC. FUSAB (Furman University’s Student Activities Board) hosts a competition that is a combination of Survivor and The Great Race. Students give up their bed and showers for one week and live in tents on the Furman Mall. They choose a character that goes with the theme of Homecoming and raise money for a charity of their choosing. Throughout the Homecoming Week, these students run around campus in costumes and try to raise money for their charities. They also compete in different competitions. Students are eliminated every night based on the competitions and fundraising effort. Only three students are left standing at the end and the winner is announced during the 3rd quarter of the Homecoming Football Game!

havoc win

Coming Home

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Of course the best part of Homecoming is welcoming all of our Alumni and Furman Family back home! The weekend is full of reunions and fun! It’s no wonder why Homecoming is one of the best Furman Traditions!

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By: Isaac Wetherill, ’20, and Clare Ruble, ’17

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