HAVOC at Furman


AK 4
AK and I before her first night in the tent!!!

HAVOC is a fun Furman tradition that starts the Sunday night before Homecoming week. Basically, HAVOC is a way for students on campus to support their favorite charities while having a great time. Students are required to apply to be a part of this fun program and only twenty people are accepted. This year, one of my friends, Anna Kate Gardner, is participating!! Woohoo, go you AK!!

Anna Kate has been dressed as an alien from the movie Toy Story since Sunday night (it’s Wednesday now!!). She has been sleeping in a tent out in front of the library and is NOT allowed to SHOWER!!! And it’s all so she can raise money for a charity called Circle of Sisterhood!!! This charity helps girls in poverty to get an education. When I asked Anna Kate why she chose this charity she said, “I chose Circle of Sisterhood because I went to Togo for a mission trip and it was so eye-opening to see how education was so rare for them. They lit up when they found out that we were sending them to schools and it changed my whole perspective. Because of that trip, I definitely don’t complain much about my classes. These girls that Furman students are financing an education for will be able to pursue careers and have a meaningful life purpose!!” She’s too sweet. Let me know if you’re crying too.


AK 1
Don’t be fooled by the smile, she’d rather be in her bed.


HAVOC is also a competition of who raises the most money and who does the best in the daily challenges. As the points are gathered up, five people get cut each day. This helps to keep all the HAVOCers bringing in the donations. Anna Kate has made it to Wednesday and we’re hoping people keep donating to keep her in the game!!!


AK 3
Yes, AK is a star!!!

When asked about why she wanted to do this, Anna Kate says, “Why not?! It’s such a cool opportunity to raise money and meet people. Also, the part about camping in a tent sounded cool until I started doing it.” She explains that this experience has been so amazing and that her favorite part of HAVOC is the people she is doing it with. She says, “we are a like-minded group of people but all with unique passions so you could imagine we’d have a lot of fun bonding together.”


HAVOC really has an amazing purpose behind it and helps so many different charities raise money. This fun event each year gets Furman students excited about helping people and it makes everyone understand that every dollar really does count!! SO, FURMAN PEOPLE: DONATE! DONATE! DONATE!

AK 2
These are the tents they get to sleep in!! I’m sure they love it.



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