Sketchy Lots and Hurricanes

Well, recently I have had a series of what one might call “car troubles.” IMG_7820

The first incident occurred Saturday night of Family Weekend. A friend and I had dinner with another friend’s family downtown and afterward I drove her to her car. We ended talking for a bit in my car. Then around 12:30 a.m, when we decide to roll out, I go to start my car and lo and behold, I had killed my battery. Now I knew this was utterly my fault. Like I was 100% the reason the battery was dead.

So it’s nearing 1 A.M, and Allie and I had to jump my car. In the sketchiest lot possible.IMG_7819 Knowing we had charge my battery for a bit, we hung out even longer, and somehow safely returned.

Then, because my luck is just really phenomenal, right after Fall Break, I attempted to use my car. Once again I found I found my car was once more dead. And by dead I mean the engine didn’t make a noise. Additionally, it no longer locked. Despite the little I know about cars, I knew this was not good.

To set the scene, I had a mad busy day and this was also the day the second hurricane was starting to dump rain on us. Fortunately, I ran into another friend of mine, Simone. She hung out with me while some of the guys from facilities determined my car battery was fully toast. It was starting to drizzle a little harder, and the guys told me I needed to drive my car around for an hour to see if that would recharge the battery.

Without any prompting, Simone offered to drive around the 864 with me.

We drove for an hour, then she dropped me at class and continued to drive it just to really make sure it didn’t give out. Unfortunately, it died again and at this point the heavens had opened and were heaving water upon us. Like the dope friend she is, Simone stood in the POURING rain as we jumped my car for the 3rd time and even went with me to get a new battery.

The point of me recounting this whole car saga is merely just to say that it’s people like Allie and Simone that make Furman feel like home. People who brave jumping a car at 1 am in a sketchy lot or stand in the pouring rain multiple times just to keep you company.




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