Home is Where the People Are

In the wise words of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, “home is wherever I’m with you.

This is true for me because of all the amazing people I have grown to love since being at Furman. To me, the defining characteristic of a home is the people that fill it. Other than the people that inhabit a home, most people also attribute a home to be a place of safety, comfort, and freedom. I have found all three of these qualities at Furman. My safety is found in the familiar faces I see each day walking to class or eating in the dining hall. I find comfort in my close relationships with friends and staff members that help me to grow as a young adult. My freedom is credited to the open, friendly environment at Furman, which allows me and so many other students to be who they aspire to be.

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Whether the people that populate this campus are ones that I have not met before or ones I see every day, they all make up the place I call home. Without the Furman family, there would just be a pretty campus with school buildings and a bell tower. That population brings liveliness and a comfortable familiarity to campus, making it home.

Homecoming week at Furman makes the feeling of home more prominent because the current students and the graduated reconvene to celebrate each other and the place they called home for four years. We are all excited for the Furman family to come home!


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