Major Decisions

For many, deciding upon their college major seems like the biggest decision they have to make. For others, there is no decision to be made because of already knowing what they want to study. In my case, I knew what I was going to major in before I even came to Furman. Processed with VSCO with ke1 presetI was set on Communications Studies because my dream occupation was and still is to be a broadcast journalist. Since I knew that communications would be my major, I declared at the end of my freshman year. Declaring allowed me to gain priority registration into communications classes. This has been the best route for my educational track as I can meet my major class requirements and my general education class requirements through classes that overlap into both categories. For example, I took Digital Communications, a core communications major requirement, that also met the visual and performing arts general education requirement. The best of both worlds!

Processed with VSCO with ke1 presetFor those who are unsure of their major coming into their freshman year (don’t worry, practically everyone is), I recommend taking one 100 level classes within majors that seem interesting to you. In doing so, you can gain an idea of what that major might be like. I also suggest meeting with the head/chair of the different major departments you find interesting. They can help elaborate on what is expected in the major and where you can flourish with the degree after college.

Talk to your parents, advisors and current students about their experience and knowledge of choosing a major. Hearing their perspectives on their college journey might just help inspire you with a major possibility!

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