From Strangers to Roomies

Renee is my current roommate and she’s dope. Fun fact: we did not know each at all until April of last year.

We had never heard of each other until it was time to pick housing. Then, all of a sudden, we stumbled upon each other, got lunch a few times and decided why not? What’s the worst that could happen?

Oh, how it has worked out. Renee and I are quite different, but similar enough that we balance each other out. One could say we vibe really well together(whatever that means). Now one thing we share in common is that neither of us went Greek.

We both considered rushing last year and ultimately decided it was not our jam. She’s in really involved in Shucker and I’m involved in FUSAB and my Sports Marketing gig, so neither of us wanted to add Greek life to our plates.

So far, we have both loved our decision not rush. Loads of our friends are in Greek life and many aren’t, but we have found that many parts of Greek life are still available to us in case we want to!

We still have time to hang with friends in Greek life, we’ve both been to functions and we still spend our own time doing the things of campus that we love!





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