The Best Day of Every Month!!!

dog 1
This is me and a sweet angel pup the Humane Society brought!!!
dog 5
YES, they pose for the camera:)

The first Thursday of every month the Greenville Humane Society brings DOGS to Furman!!! This is called “Paws to Unwind” and it has to be one of my favorite things that Furman does for the students. Because I miss my own pets so so much, it always puts me in a great mood when I get to hang out with the awesome dogs and puppies that the Greenville Humane Society brings us.


dog 4
I’m not crying, you are.

This arrangement between the Humane Society and Furman is supposed to benefit the students as well as the dogs. The Greenville Humane Society writes on Facebook, “These events are in memory of Furman Student James Campbell-Laing and are meant to help the students take a break from their school work and relax a little. Pet therapy is proven to lift spirits and lower depression, decrease feelings of isolation, provide comfort, reduce anxiety and increase feelings of companionship.” It is also great for the dogs to spend some time outside too!! You can tell they get so excited to see new people it’s actually the cutest thing ever. (& I wanna take them all home so there’s also that)



dog 3
Anna Kate loves the puppies too!
dog 6
Look at this cutie!

This is such a great stress reliever and is something I know a lot of people look forward to every month. I love when the dogs come to visit and I believe it is the perfect way for many students to “Paws and Unwind.”


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