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College doesn’t have to be just work. Your undergraduate days are numbered so you do have to live a little, let go and have some fun. The Furman University Student Activities Board or, FUSAB as we all know it makes college a little more fun. A good student activities board like ours can significantly enhance your college experience. FUSAB on campus organize events where students can get together outside the four walls of the classroom and let loose. They organize events in variation from music concerts to making Furman a little festive during the academic year.


FUSAB does amazing things, here are some of them:


  • To kick-off the school year, students have a low country boil dinner organized in Downtown, Greenville. Being from India I did not know what a low country boil was so this was a good way to get acclimated with typical southern food also get to know different people within my class. Grab some grub and get in a couple moves to start your year off on the right foot.


  • FUSAB does a great job in keeping your moral high during the academic year through food. Yum delicacies from your breakfast places around campus every so often makes waking up every morning more worth your while.


  • Both semesters of the academic year have music artists featured in them at the Fall and Spring concert. We have in the past years had, Waka Flocka Flame, T-Pain, Snakehips, Wes Walker and other musical talents grace us with their presence.


  • FUSAB does not stop at music talents, they also do a great job bringing in comedians and other artists from around the nation.


  • For Halloween, they do a Haunted Trail and for Easter an egg hunt which is followed by phenomenal giveaways – including swaggy Furman gear, chocolates, and other goodies. But FUSAB exceeds expectations every December when they transform the entire Trone Student Center into Santa’s workshop where they bring in a sleigh, Santa and convert the entire courtyard into an ice-skating ring for students to skate on. This winter wonderland accompanied with some hot cocoa, s’mores, and warm friendships from the Furman community makes it a jolly good time.


  • Like themed ballroom dance parties? FUSAB has you all set from Harry Potter themes all through your favorite detective, James Bond! A fancy ball to end your semester on the right foot, and a fun time to unwind after a first long semester on campus getting you in the groove for the holidays.


  • Burnt out after your grueling finals? FUSAB has you covered. LDOC, or the Last Day of Class festivities is a tradition students love to be a part of. Not only do they have carnivals and exciting food trucks brought into campus but also have a sort of pool party for the graduating seniors in the fountain at the library footsteps.


Our student organizations always do so much to make the lives of the students more fun. Stated above was just a glimpse into what FUSAB does to know more and follow everything FUSAB does follow them on Instagram here, and as always #GoDins!

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