Food for Thought

A key ingredient to college life is food. We all know it. If you don’t have good food, what do you really have?

To give you a little snippet of food life here at Furmz, I present the three foods that cater the spectrum of people who enjoy food.



  1. The Panini Press : Yes, I am aware this is not a food, but it is a gateway to a world of infinite food. How, you ask? First there’s the good old ham/turkey and cheese panini. A classic. BUT, there is so much more. Hamburger melts(delicious), Breakfast sandwiches(a solid start to the morning), Quesadillas(the cheesier the better). Nonetheless, my personal favorite: chicken salad panini (actual gamechanger).
  2. Moe’s Burrito : Now in my opinion, a Moe’s burrito is a commitment. It’s the type of meal that I know when I am in the mood for it. It warm, hefty and the perfect hearty meal after a long Furman day. My order: Chicken, pinto beans, mushrooms, peppers, lettuce, sour cream, olives and jalapenos. Wow. Yum.tom3
  3.  TLC’s Barnyard: What is that you ask? It’s one of the Library Cafe’s bagel sandwiches. It’s my ish – Egg and Bacon on an Asiago bagel. Why is it so amazing? Versatility. This bagel sandwich is my favorite late-night study snack or mid-day meal. What more could you want?


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