What Even is the Furman Advantage?

Related imageIf you applied to Furman, you might be sick of hearing about the Furman Advantage. But, I remember getting so many pamphlets or watching videos about how awesome the Furman Advantage is. But then I would think to myself, yeah but what does that even mean?? I understood that it was something that would help me at Furman but I was still confused about what it even meant. Now that I am actually a Furman student, I better can understand and explain what this advantage is.

Image result for furman advantage gifThe Furman Advantage is basically a summary of all the different experiences, advisors, classes, internships, etc. that will help you to be successful after your four years at Furman. The four main points of the Furman Advantage are: (I got these from the Furman website if you wanna learn more) 1. A personalized, four-year pathway to graduation (you will graduate in four years with the degree you want). 2. High-impact, engaged learning through internships, research and study away (you will have access to internships ~#AuthenticallyAbi~, study away and research opportunities that will enhance your experience at Furman). 3. A team of advisors and mentors to help you find your path (you will meet with advisors who actually care about you and they make sure you are on a successful path and making the most of your opportunities) (my advisor told me about this internship & she’s the best). 4. Leading institutes and centers to explore and tackle important issues (Furman has a lot of opportunities to do important, life-changing research on campus and off campus). Knowing these four points can help you to see what the Furman Advantage really means and it goes to show how much the faculty and staff want you to succeed.

Image result for furman advantage gifSince being on campus I have definitely experienced the Furman advantage. I was able to become a social media intern, which I never would have done if I hadn’t met with my advisor and her telling me it seemed like something I might be interested in. Professors are also so involved and they encourage students to email them or meet for office hours. They are also very flexible if you are unable to make those hours. I have also met with my advisor to discuss classes, which is super helpful because I would have no idea what I am doing! Things like this really help me to feel more at home here. It is also reassurance that I made the best choice coming to Furman because I know I am going to be successful when I graduate.

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