Football gameday. Gotta love a uniform.

There is a lot of people to meet at Furman. A student population of 2,800 doesn’t sound too big, but I guarantee there is always someone new to meet. I have met people that  are involved all over campus and no two people are into the exact same things.

Personally, I’ve had a sports marketing internship for the past year under the Furman Athletics department. I found the job by being the right amount of irritating and just emailing bunches of people until someone responded.

Short of being too dramatic, it has been one of my absolute favorite aspects of Furman. I work on the Game-Operations side at every football and basketball game, where I help with media breaks, social media, marketing promotions and additional game day needs. For the rest of time I work on promotions, marketing events and a host of other things.

I love it because I spend majority of my time watching sports that I love anyways and I get to create an experience for other students to love the games as much as I do.

Roll DINS. #abbyrunningthroughthe864

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