DH Hacks

At Furman we students love abbreviating so we have acronyms for everything. One of those many acronyms is the ‘DH’, which stands for our Dining Hall. Food is something that brings our community at Furman together and the DH during the academic year is the place to do it. Through time the food however at the DH gets repetitive so here are some fresh DH hacks with a twist of Rish.


  1. Cheesy Fries – grab some homemade fries and mix and match cheese from the sandwich bar followed by a quick session in the microwave. Voila you have cheesy fries.


  1. Savory Waffles – some bacon from the salad section is all you need. While making the waffles—spread half the mixture first, then spread the bacon bits and cover them up with more waffle batter. Voila!! there you have it a savory waffle.


  1. Quesadillas – some white cheddar, and provolone will do the trick here. Some slices of cheese in between a tortilla wrap after some time in the panini press will give you a pretty dank quesadilla. You can also add grilled chicken slices, pork, beef, or any meat to the quesadilla as well. Whatever you are feeling on that day.


  1. Grilled Cheese – four cheddar, three goudas, two swiss, and one provolone. Slap those slices of cheese on your white bread with some crumbles of blue cheese in the middle as well. Spread some mayonnaise on the outside with some more crumbles of blue cheese and panini press that food baby. You’re in for the time of your life.


  1. Panini sandwiches- there are so many combinations of meats and veggies you could make into a panini. But a baguette panini is to die for; the DH has baguettes in the gluten free bread section. Spread some pesto and siracha mayo on the buns and your choice of meat, then panini press it. Feeling extra gourmet, spread some mayo on the outside of the bread to give it a golden texture. You are welcome!


  1. The Elvis Burger – toast two burger buns and spread some peanut butter on them (trust me!). On the buns throw a couple patties and some lettuce. Top the lettuce with some mayonnaise and some pepper, followed by some bacon strips or bacon bits to give it that crunch. Enjoy! This burger changed my life. You can also add pickles and banana peppers to give it a salty finish. Elvis definitely has my heart…


  1. Arnold Palmers – The soda machine on the upper level has lemonade and located near the soda machines on the lake level, is sweet tea. Access the inner mixologist in you and fix yourself an Arnold Palmer. I prefer it heavy on lemonade but you may like sweet tea more.


  1. Espresso Chocolate Milk – very self explanatory, some crushed ice, three shots of espresso, chocolate milk and sugar to taste. Not only is this drink refreshing but it also complements every dish in the DH.


  1. Affogato – a classic dessert drink, get a to-go cup. Fill it with your desired amount of ice-cream and top it off with some Jamaican-me-crazy coffee a third of the way through. Simply sublime!


  1. Cookie Sandwich – a swirl of your favorite ice-cream in between two heavenly cookies gives you a gourmet dessert, something to love and hold very close to your heart.



These are 10 of my hacks for the Dining Hall on campus…hope you enjoy and as always #GoDins!

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