How to Not Get Schooled by School

Furman is a tough school, academically speaking. Especially when exams are next week and you thought you had at least two more weeks until those came around.


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Fortunately, tough and impossible are very different things. Over the course of my time at Furman, I’ve figured out a few reliable tricks which help keep you on top of your academics.

First, stay organized. I personally have my handy-dandy planner and a calendar on my phone that I keep more-or-less up to date (by this point in the semester, admittedly, things aren’t quite as organized as they were back in August). For example, I found out today that I have a paper due on Wednesday. That would’ve been a really fun thing for me to realize, you know, not two days before it’s due.

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the only notebook you will ever need.

Second, try and get into a routine. Let inertia work in your favor. Everyone falls off the wagon a bit in terms of studying and self-discipline by the end of the semester, but getting into the habit of going to the library regularly makes it a lot easier to stay in said habit. Figure out where you study best and how you study best. Personally, I need complete silence, and I throw flash cards at the problem until I have it memorized.

Third, keep a close relationship with your professor. At the very least, you should go by your professor’s office once. Chat for a bit, ask any questions you have, and get to know them better. This is important for all kinds of reasons, but namely this – professors are smart people, and you’re not going to get a worse grasp on the material by spending more time with them.


More than that, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The tutoring center is always available, and it’s better to go earlier than later. Plus, it’s completely free.

And if all that stuff fails, just remember there’s a coffeemaker in the 24 study room.

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