Study Spaces

I like to study in a couple of places on campus. My go-to is studying in my apartment on the living room couch or in my bed. I think best when I am comfortable with some good smelling candles and a blanket!

When I have a heavier workload, I like studying in classrooms in the evening, usually in Furman Hall. Classrooms create privacy and a lot of space to work and study. They are also good for working on group projects because of the freedom to discuss and not having to worry about disturbing others in the library.

In between my classes each morning I like to study in the library in the comfy chairs on the top floor. When you first walk into the library they are on the left by the computers. This is also close to the Lib Café, in which I will grab a bagel for some brainpower.

Everyone has different preferences for study spots and methods. Try studying in different places and see where you feel most productive!

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