Furman CLPs

Attending CLPs (Culture Life Programs) is the best way to be engaged in Furman community and to learn about different cultures. That is because this collection of events has more than 200 CLPs throughout the year with a wide variety of ideas, issues, and artistic expressions that you might not have otherwise encountered. By providing challenging and enriching cultural experiences, we want to foster a sense of community on campus, as well as provide a multiple compelling view on cultural issues throughout this series.


You are required to attend 32 CLPs before you graduate, which equals to 4 CLPs per semester. And I promise you will love those as I do. Here is some of the CLPs that I enjoy:


  1. International Dance Show:

Annually, Furman University International Student Association (FUISA) presents an International Dance Show, on which both international student and American student come to perform traditional dances from different cultures around the world.


  1. Music by the lake concert series:

If you stay on campus in the summer, don’t be afraid of getting bored since we have the lakeside concert for you. Can you imagine yourself sitting by the lake and listening to the live music after a long working day?

  1. Holi: Festival of Colors

The Holi Festival is an annual event organized by Association of Student Interested in Asia (A.S.I.A). This event is a celebration of an important Hindu festival called Holi, which is largely celebrated in India and Nepal.

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