A small private liberal arts institution is something that embodies Furman but does not limit possibilities for a student on this campus. The community at Furman is designed to allow any and every kind of student to flourish. Not only is Furman well equipped in lab technologies, academic programs but also has 20 Division I sports teams for students to either take part in or root for from the stands at games.

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Our teams have received accolades and are recognized throughout the nation for their performance on the field. If I went on to list them, I’d age faster than I would want. However, they are interesting to read about and you can do that by clicking here.   What I do want to talk about is the school spirit and our community around sports.

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The school spirit for our games is unlike any other in the south. Stadiums packed, fans cheering, student-athletes truly are celebrities here. But unlike that of a state school, the students aren’t cheering for the quarterback on the football team, the guard on the basketball team or number 36 on the track team – instead they are cheering for their friends who they sit next to in class, who they work on projects together. At Furman, the sport you play does not define your time here, you are a student and part of the community before anything else.

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Being a 100% residential as a campus we are constantly hanging out with our community, meeting new people, learning about them, and making friends throughout our time on campus. We aren’t the best teams in the nation in most of the sports we play but we are a community and we stand together through everything.

Ways our community celebrates these wonderful athletes and demonstrates school spirit is through tailgating. Tailgating is a great way to hangout, get a grill on and support our Furman athletic community. Faculty, administrative staff and all the Furman fans come together and have an absolute ball before the game starts after which it transcends into the stadium.

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As students, we can also take part in intramural games, and be a part of our competitive club sports program. Intramurals is a great way to kick-off your freshmen year and helps in making new friends and knowing more people from your residential hall. Students also form their own teams and enter different competitive levels during Intramurals through the academic year. Fraternities and Sororities especially battle it out, indulging in some healthy competition to earn bragging rights through campus. Honestly, it’s a wonderful competitive environment of which about 70% of our student population is part.

If students want to kick it up a notch and participate in inter-collegiate tournaments without having to commit to the time intensive varsity teams—they could represent Furman being on the club sports teams. With around 20 sports represented at a club level there is ample opportunity for students to excel both on and off the field.Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 10.35.18 AM.png

So no matter your passion, be it in academia, sports, fitness, or fandom… Furman is definitely the place for you and you will be able to find your home here at Furman. As always #GoDins!

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