One Last Time

Hamilton references in the title are what the kids are into now, right?


Freshmen attempting to answer questions in classes.

I’m certainly glad to be back at Furman, and hoping to make the most of my last semester. Given the current wind chill outside, however, making the most of my last semester involves a lot of hot chocolate while sitting on my couch.

It’s easy, I think, to let that pressure get to you – with the New Year, everyone’s resolutions are nagging at them to improve upon everything, and for as much as I love Furman, it can certainly be a rigorous environment. So in the true spirit of senioritis, I think making the most of a last semester (or second semester) can be simply taking time to enjoy things every now and then.


GIFs really communicate what I’m going for a lot better than I do, but once my boss realizes that this gig is up.

This was the first weekend back, and it already felt well-earned. A few friends and I drove late at night to catch the lunar eclipse. I am not sure what to make of the fact that two of the biggest eclipses for years have happened while I’m at Furman. It’s the sort of thing that probably would’ve meant the end-times in ancient days. Regardless, it was a great trip – we went to Bald Rock, our hot chocolate froze solid, and we limped back home with only minimal frostbite.


I think that’s a good approach to making the most of your time at college. Furman has a ton of those kinds of moments, and while class and homework and all that other jazz is very important too, these kinds of adventures are important in their own way.


Just bring mittens.

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